Introducing NFT Oracle

4 min readJan 2, 2021


We’re kick-starting 2021 with the release of the NFT Oracle 🎉

Let’s recap briefly on the NFT Oracle. If you’re looking for more details as well as the motivation, take a look at this article we posted a while ago.

What’s NFT Oracle?

An oracle gives you the answer to everything you want to know. So the NFT oracle gives you information of the NFTs, in particular, the original creator of a particular NFT.

Once a creator sells their NFT, the NFT gets transferred to another person and the creator is no longer linked to their creations. This information does not exist in the blockchain. So the NFT Oracle is here to find that!

The original creator is defined by the first addresses which a particular NFT is minted to.

What Can You Do?

Ask the Oracle for Creator of a NFT

Ask the Oracle if it knows the creator of a particular Token Id of a NFT Collection. If the creator is not found, then you have to make a request to the Oracle to ask it to reveal the creator.

If you don’t know how to find the Token Id, refer to the section below on ‘How to Find the Token Id of a NFT?’.

You’ll see this if the creator is found:

Request Oracle to Reveal the Creator

‘Oracle Oracle, reveal the Creator of this NFT!!’

If the creator isn’t found when you asked the Oracle, then you have to make a request to the Oracle to reveal the creator.

Wait a minute.. but aren’t you the Oracle? Aren’t you supposed to know everything?’

The Oracle does know everything, but it doesn’t update the human world about every creator of every NFTs.

Nyan Dev: Alright, the real reason is that there’s about 60K NFTs recorded in our Oracle and would continue to grow day after day. It does cost some gas to update the smart contract for each information and it would cost ALOT! And also to prevent abuse to the system, we have to make the smart contract to store creator addresses on-demand.

Once you’re ready, make a small offering of NYA tokens and we’re good to go. Wait for about 10 seconds then try asking the Oracle again to see if it can find the creator address. You’ll see this if the request is sent:

To note that anyone can request the Oracle to reveal the creator addresses of any NFTs. So you can help your friends or favorite creators to get their creations revealed by the Oracle.

See Your Creations

All the Oracle’s information on your creations would be listed at the bottom of the page.

How to Find the Token Id of a NFT?

If you know the creator address (your address, if you’re the creator), just go to the ERC721 table of BscScan to find the Token Id:{YOUR_ADDRESS}#tokentxnsErc721

Replace ‘{YOUR_ADDRESS}’ with your wallet account address. You’ll find this page with all NFT tokens you have (or once have).

If you don’t know the creator address, then you’ve got to know the contract address of the NFT, for example the Nyanswop Fortune address is ‘0xEa3dCB2d8C0fA2F50F6DfD1244749D0a6d0D9E13’, then visit BscScan with the address:

You will see many transactions and the Token Ids here. Now, you need to filter these transactions to find yours. You’ll find just that, at the top-right corner.

NFT Oracle Integration

If you’re running a NFT marketplace is would like to integrate the NFT Oracle, feel free to hit us up at our Twitter or Telegram (contacts below).

NFT Oracle Sustainability

The NFT Oracle is currently maintained by the community and the Binance Smart Chain BUIDL Reward Program. We look forward to getting sponsorships from other BSC projects, and also Binance.

CZ, won’t you want to support the NFT creators on BSC?

The amount of new NFT creations has dwindled greatly over the months, hopefully with the NFT marketplaces integrating the NFT Oracle, we can bring continual benefits to the original creators and encourage them to make more creations 🐱

Visit the NFT Oracle here:

The NFT Oracle is still in experimental phase, it might not work as intended so do consider the risks involved and DYOR.

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