Introducing Nyanswop Shrine~ Draw your Fortune Now!

After numerous visitings to shrines, consulting of shrine maidens, translating of fortunes, we’re happy to present to you the Nyanswop Shrine!

And also, two new tokens nya~ 😺

Motivation of Nyanswop Shrine

The crypto world has been a stressful one, no matter which blockchain you are invested in. We have to be aware of potential project rugs, new tokens and scams etc. It seems that we have to always to be at the frontline, else we’ll lose out on something one way or another.

Nyanswop is about bringing positive feelings to the crypto world. We want to have something that users can use everyday. We also want to bring something unique to the space as well. So we embarked on a journey to bring you one of the most iconic tradition of Japan, the おみくじ (Omikuji, Fortune Telling). At a shrine in Japan, you would drop some coins into a box, make some prayers, then draw a lot. With that lot, you can get the relative fortune slip and read the predictions. If you get a good fortune, bring it home. If you get a bad fortune, it is advised that you leave it at the shrine by tying that slip at a pine tree or metal wires nearby.

The fortune slip usually reveals a general fortune and some specific aspects of one’s life: wishes, health, lost article finding, a person being awaited for, moving or changing residence, love, employment and traveling.

Omikuji serves as a sense of comfort for many people. If you are troubled, you can draw a fortune and take that as a reference for new perspective. If you know someone in need of encouragement, you can also send them a good fortune.

The intent of the Nyanswop Fortune is to be a daily utility. We hope that users will draw their fortune daily, or weekly. Just like how one will check for horoscopes predictions daily. But we’re even better, because now you own a Fortune on the blockchain!

Introducing Nyanswop Shrine Token and Nyanswop Fortune

Left: Nyanswop Shrine Token ($NST, BEP20 token)
Right: Nyanswop Fortune ($NFT, ERC721 token)

Everything in the Shrine works with the Nyanswop Shrine Token (NST). You can exchange an amount of NYA for NST. To note that the Shrine only allows one exchange per 24 hours.

With NST, you can draw a Nyanswop Fortune (NFT). The NFT contains a poem and some predictions on the various aspects of life. It always contains a validity time-frame of 7 days. Like actual fortunes, it loses power over time.

One you draw a fortune (NFT), you would be able to view the details and decide if you want to keep it. If you get an undesirable fortune, you can choose to ‘dispose’ it. Disposal of NFT simply sends the NFT to the Shrine Fund.

Since the NST is a BEP20 token and the NFT is a ERC721 token (non-fungible token), you can transfer them freely.

The Shrine Maiden controls the Shrine and is able to change certain values of the Shrine: price of NST, price of NFT, time between each NST exchange, and the validity period of NFT.

How Do I Draw a Fortune (NFT)?

  1. Get some NYA tokens
  2. Visit the Shrine page and exchange some NYA for NST
  3. With the NST, you can draw a NFT (fortune).

Where Does All the Exchange NYA and NST Go?

It will all go to the Shrine Fund, which is controlled by the Shrine Maiden. The current plan is to burn 50% of the received NYA and do a buy-back on the NYA-BNB LP with the rest of them. This proportion might change over time.

For the NST received (from when anyone decides to dispose it), we will keep it safely at the Shrine. The Shrine will protect all Nyanswop users.

Are the Fortunes Accurate?

The fortunes are sourced from shrines in Japan. So that is as accurate as you can get, almost the same as being physically present and drawing the fortune yourself.

The contents are for reference, no matter good or bad. It does not fully represent your life but it serves as a very good third-party perspective on one’s life. Do take some time to consume the contents of the NFT.

Sometimes we can get too occupied or lost in our lives. Having another perspective does help. Things will not change if we don’t do anything about it. The motivation of a fortune prediction is always to provide another view on things. We are always the one in control of our lives.

The fortune predictions are for reference only. Do you own research!


The Nyanswop Shrine, Nyanswop Shrine Token and Nyanswop Fortune is unaudited at the moment. So do you own research!

What’s Next?

Dedication to Your Twitter Friends

Soon, you would be able to write the your friends’ twitter handles on the Fortune and dedicate that NFT to them. Just like in actual shrine, you could write some words and dedicate the fortune to anyone. Your friends would be able to see the fortunes dedicated to them. We would be able to bring something to people outside the blockchain! Ain’t that exciting?

Designers Wanted for Fortune Illustration!

When you draw a fortune, there will be a poem. We are looking for designers in the community to draw out the poem content. There is no standard art form that we’re looking for: watercolour paintings, oil paintings, 3D renders, 2D illustrations, Anime drawings, animated gifs etc. it’s all accepted. The final decision would be left to the Shrine Maiden.

We will feature the image in that particular fortune (Nyanswop Fortune, $NFT). Yes, your artwork would be featured in a Nyanswop NFT. We will also add the artist twitter handle at the fortune page. There will NYA giveaways (undecided amount) to each of the selected illustrations. We have about 100 fortunes??

We don’t actually know all the poems, so we will have to share the fortunes on Twitter so that everyone can get to see it and for the designers to start to draw something out of it.

We need to work together nya!! Draw and share fortunes~

What are you waiting for? Draw a fortune nyaw! 😼

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Nyanswop is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on the Binance Smart Chain

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Nyanswop is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on the Binance Smart Chain

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