Nya Cash Contracts

1 min readFeb 16, 2021


Many people have asked for the contract addresses. We’ve consolidated every one of them here:

nyacash NYAC: 0x7E3656fcCf19583dc432FB3AF813E53EA566814B
nyabond NYAB: 0xf8645E8F6d7f88bDb2ae7faBDeB315F9259bE5B0
nyashare NYAS: 0xD7410C38a86DCf3D5EC0F75e9763111E07D9C95b
NYAC-USDT NYAN-LP: 0x6cDdb562f0259ed1489F1e6Fa05815Dec769f8Ad
NYAS-USDT NYAN-LP: 0xd3179b44548f3309622B4F966503C1143e8840Ca
Boardroom: 0x9De706afb997c1441b788C4258617bF0aAd08e77
Treasury: 0x8372c45f7494693E559A0CB7BE409DEBBe18EbF1
Bond Oracle: 0xAc6490F917f214FDef6f6BFf08c2Dd73AC2C9334
Seigniorage Oracle: 0x3045ff9f69ac06192246AED8398dA2eEfE00B772
Bond Fund: 0xF9BBB19e2C83311Cbf40BAf13869011d02767c13
Nyanswop Fund: 0xEC1B77a8EF948BEa1a07877EDd08F29f1Cadda21
Dev Fund: 0xa3a4e22391203F57b7104959c49eF1b891123Ef4
Timelock (48hrs): 0x3ECAc43f1A6c211218DeC48e35Cf271bfD5cAF3F

Every seigniorage will see 10% of the funds allocated to Bond Fund (5%), Nyanswop Fund (3%), and Dev Fund (2%).

The best site to use to view our contracts is https://bscscan.com.


To get the NYAC-USDT or NYAS-USDT LP tokens to join https://nya.cash:

  1. Swap with USDT for NYAC or NYAS: https://nyanswop.org/#/swap
  2. Add the NYAC-USDT or NYAS-USDT LP: https://nyanswop.org/#/pool
  3. Stake the LP tokens: https://nya.cash/bank

Follow us on Twitter and Telegram for the latest updates.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nyanswop
Telegram: https://t.me/Nyanswop
Telegram (Indonesian): https://t.me/Nyanswop_ID
Telegram (Announcements): https://t.me/Nyanswop_ANN
Nyanswop AMM: https://nyanswop.org
Nya Cash: https://nya.cash




Nyanswop is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on the Binance Smart Chain