The past 24 hours have been busy for us. We’ve proceeded on with burning the token minter and fixing some bugs etc. Things are looking good, so we’re moving forward to forming the treasury meowtain.

A Meowtain of NYA has been formed in the Treasury

Previously, the remaining NYA tokens have been kept in the Deployer. That raises concerns in the community and we totally understand why.

Earlier today, we’ve set up a Timelock contract with 24 hours delay time and sent all the NYA tokens to it.

Timelock contract:

Proof of Transfer:

What this means is that every interaction with the NYA Treasure would require a minimum of 24 hours of waiting time (including transferring of NYA tokens). Most recent projects only have a delay of 6 hours, which we find pretty unfair as we have people of different timezones from all over the world. With 24 hours delay time, now everyone can watch how the NYA meowtain moves.

So in short, the funds are SAFU.

How would we use the Funds?

As mentioned in the previous post, 100% of the funds would be given to the community. The team receive a portion of the funds only when users claim their NYA tokens.

We’ve used the first bit of the Treasury as the rewards for liquidity mining. That would run for 30 days. The same thing would follow for future rewards. We are also looking at getting code audits from reputable code auditing companies. That, would be a first true usage of the dev funds. We’re also planning to do some giveaways on Twitter.

We Showed Our Moves

With the token minter burned and all the remaining funds transferred to the treasury, we’re set to fly.

We have a lot of work to do. Let’s make Nyanswop great again 😸

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Nyanswop is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on the Binance Smart Chain