Our Full Story — End Of Support

A Rough Start and The Crypto Social Media Effect

We started Nyanswop during the time when there were lots of rugs in BSC. We forked Uniswap despite it being complicated, but we still chose it because of its authenticity in the Ethereum chain.

The Full Story Of Nyanswop

Over time, we’ve met really good people, but that also includes unforeseen challenges and unfairness. Here’s a roundup of the things, good and bad, that have occurred from the side of the development team.

Our Launchpool — Nyanchpool

To help BSC projects grow, we launched ‘Nyanchpool’, our version of a launch pool. Since the start, we’ve been giving out more benefits to the participating projects compared to the benefits we receive for ourselves.
We hoped that projects would get publicity and also a good distribution of their tokens. We would exchange tokens and then in turn, we could all grow together. But.. that met us with the first unpleasant encounter.

1,000,000 NYA Lost

We’ve been keeping this to ourselves until now.

Nyanswop Fortune

One of the first few unique features was the concept of Fortune Telling. In this stressful space, we figured that it would be good to bring some fun to everyone and utilize NFT tokens at the same time.

NFT Oracle

BSC turns out to be the ideal blockchain for NFT due to its fast and cheap blocking mechanism. We saw an issue that the creator doesn’t get benefits much like ‘royalties’ outside the blockchain world.

Nya Cash

The Nya Cash was to push NYA token value as it includes buyback mechanisms. And it actually worked out very very well. Nyanswop was building a great TVL momentum during the alt season and it would continue on into Nya Cash.

To the exploiter:

We cannot understand why someone who has contributed to open source repositories or the arctic code vault would think that exploiting a protocol is fine. Isn’t it very contradicting ?

Concluding Nyanswop

BSC is now about 7 months old. Some projects have proven to be legit and honest. One such project is PancakeSwap. With such a trustworthy AMM project available, Nyanswop is no longer serving its initial intention.



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Nyanswop is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on the Binance Smart Chain