Roadmap 2021

2 min readFeb 25, 2021

Q1 2021

We’re reaching the end of Q1. The main goal is to finish up what was supposed to be already done. This quarter, we’re doing mostly house-keeping.

We’ve got our Nyalytics (analytics) running for at least 3 months, but recently it crashed as it took up all of the disk space of the server. Restarting and resync-ing the graph node doesn’t seem to work, so we might look at redeploying everything. The analytics is important as many token listing platforms require the tokens to be queryable in analytics.

Nyanswop’s main token is the NYA token. Our eventual aim for NYA token is that it can be used in governance so that the Nyanswop supporters can vote on policies affecting them.

What’s not stated is house-keeping. We currently have many servers running, some are more utilized than others. So we would look to down-sizing or up-sizing some servers, so as to optimize the cost of running all of our services.

Q2 2021 currently lacks a homepage. We figured that a dashboard would fit well as a homepage. The dashboard would contains some global information of the Nyanswop etc.

Also in Q2, we will have a new feature. This has already been planned out, so stay tune 🐱

Q3 2021

We’ve been getting designers to draw unique artworks for the Nyanswop Fortune (NFT token). Currently, we only officially deployed 1 artwork, which is contributed by the community. We have a few more which we would like to publish soon. Over time, all of our Fortunes would each have their own unique artwork. This is an on-going process. (you can’t rush art, can you?)

Many of our users would like trade Nyanwop Fortunes. The NFT marketplace has been in plan though has been delayed as we prioritized other stuffs over the past few months. This quarter, we’ll build out the NFT marketplace for Nyanswop Fortune!

Q4 2021

We have some idea of new features to do. Q4 is still some time away. The crypto space moves really fast, so what might sound good now might not be the case at the end of the year. So we’re keeping this ‘new feature’ slot open.

Where Are We Now?

Nyanswop is an AMM and the main token is the NYA token. Our aim for NYA token is that it can be used in staking, launchpool and eventually governance.

Stake tokens earn NYA:
Stake NYA earn tokens:
Swap NYA for Fortune:
Analytics (redeploy, Q1):
Governance: Q1
Dashboard: Q2
New Feature 1: Q2
NFT List and Marketplace: Q3
New Feature 2: Q4

Let’s fight on for 2021!!

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Nyanswop is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on the Binance Smart Chain