Following the successful initial launch of the token farms, we’re moving on to fix some issues with the code and also to address the concerns of the people.

NYA Token Concerns

Some people have pointed out the potential possibility of minting more NYA tokens. They are not wrong, as the ‘minting’ function is part of the standard interface. Also unstated is the ability to burn the minter with ‘renounceOwnership’. We will renounce the ownership soon, as we would like to have control over the supply in case something goes wrong.

We will not mint any more tokens. Why would we do that? Creating more supply would hurt the token’s value. Conversely speaking, we would prefer to burn tokens (from dev fund or total supply) in the future.

Currently, the Deployer holds all the token supply. We would move the remaining tokens to another contract which has governance or timelock feature.

Why did we move all the tokens to the Deployer? That’s because we don’t mint NYA tokens on every block, so mint a fixed amount of tokens and let the Deployer distribute them to the individual farms. We will move these fund to a different contract soon.

Is this controversial? No, because this is exactly how Uniswap manage their tokens. We believe in how Uniswap operates, so we totally follow what they did.

Total Liquidity Not Showing

We’re aware of it. For now, please check on bscscan for the individual total liquidity. It’s currently showing a ‘-’ because of some errors in converting the tokens into a price. We’ll fix this. No worries, it’s just a visual bug.


This is equivalent to Binance’s Launchpool. We will work with other BSC projects so that we can distribute their tokens as rewards for staking the NYA tokens.


No worries, it’s certainly in our development pipelines.


We will burn the token minter and transfer the remaining tokens to a SAFU contract.

Nyanswop is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on the Binance Smart Chain