Weekly Update

2 min readOct 26, 2020


Starting from this week, we will post 2 to 3 updates every week: start of week, middle of the week (if you don’t think that we’re too noisy), and end of the week. This is so that we can be fully transparent with the things we’re working on.

Tasks this Week

  • Finish the Nyanchpool UI (aka launchpool, our staking product)
    Progress: 95%
  • Fix issues reported last week (incorrect circulated supply, total deposits not showing for LPs)
    Progress: 0%
  • Hustle with more BSC projects for collaborations

Things to Expect this Week

  • First staking collaboration with another BSC project by the end of the week. We would be able to stake NYA for their native tokens. We will release more information at the middle of the week (wednesday).
  • Expect movement in the NYA Treasury because we would be starting new LP every time when have a collaboration with other BSC projects. All NYA Treasury movements would be posted here. Here’s a few of the common movements: making a new LP with NYA reward incentives, sending NYA to partner staking pools, NYA giveaways etc.


  • Still in discussion with a couple of BSC projects for collaborations. The discussions are near to conclusion. If all goes well, we would be able to have two more BSC projects joining our Nyanchpool next week
  • A few more in initial discussions. Once we finish deploying the first Nyanchpool product, we’ll go knocking on the doors of more BSC projects.
  • We plan to start to do giveaways soon. Might happen this week if our paws are free.
  • Telegram Community Admins for our main group (English for now) when we hit a higher number of members. We noted that there’s an interest in Indonesian and Japanese group. We’ll look into that when we grow even further. (we’re also thankful for the Spanish community admin volunteer earlier today, we did not forget you😹)
  • Governanyce (governance)

We believe that BSC projects should all work together because we feel that the grand mission should be to bring in more volume from other blockchains (looking at you, Ethereum) to BSC instead of competing with each another. You might find it weird that we do approach our ‘direct competitors’ for collaborations. But rather than referring to them as ‘direct competitors’, we would prefer to call them our ‘allies’, or clowder?? 🐈 🐈 🐈 We might post a long article some time later to explain our beliefs and methodology. Though most of the early holders should already be able to feel how we roll. We will always choose to do things the right way, rather than the fast way. We have 100% organic growth up till now and we believe that it’s only a matter of time before we grow exponentially.

We will work with many more BSC projects over time. So ‘allies’, please don’t find weird when you see us knocking at your doors. We aren’t here to compete, we’re here to collaborate and work together nya~

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/nyanswop
Telegram: https://t.me/Nyanswop (we just changed from NyanswopDex)




Nyanswop is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on the Binance Smart Chain