Transition Phase for Nya Cash

2 min readFeb 21, 2021


The nyacash protocol has unfortunately met with some issues and we’ve worked out ways to help nyacash protocol supporters transit out of the situation.

We have created 3 accelerated pools for nyacash token holders to transit over to Nyanswop AMM. Users will be able to stake NYAC, NYAS and NYAB to earn NYA, the native token of the Nyanswop AMM. These pools will run for 30 days.

Accelerated Pools

Start Date: 22 Feb 2021 12pm UTC+0
Duration: 30 days

Stake NYAC earn NYA, total rewards: 2.5M NYA (25x)
Stake NYAS earn NYA, total rewards: 2.0M NYA (20x)
Stake NYAB earn NYA, total rewards: 500K NYA (5x)

Check out the pools at . You can stake in advance but the rewards will only start on the date specified above.

What will happen to Nya Cash?

The protocol has got exploited and might not be operating as what it was intended to do. We are working on phasing out the nyacash protocol. The site already has several features disabled. If you would like to interact with the contracts somehow, here’s all the contract addresses:

To note that you are responsible for your own actions if you decide to bypass the UI. Please refrain from direct interaction with the contracts unless you really know what you’re doing. We will still keep site running.

Moving On

We regret that the nyacash protocol is unable to continue the way it’s intended to be. We hope that users would be able to transit out of nyacash protocol and join our main Nyanswop protocol (AMM). We will work hard to bring value to the Nyanswop AMM, and therefore to the NYA token as well.

If you would like to know more about the NYA token, check out our Nyanswop AMM at and also the CoinGecko page at .

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Nyanswop is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on the Binance Smart Chain